The mission of the LÜM Project: to support the women of a rural mountain village in Guatemala as they fight for better economic, educational, and healthcare opportunities for themselves, their families and their village.


In remote villages, women typically don't have the opportunity to pursue education or work to help their families. The LÜM Project is empowering women by instilling confidence, teaching business skills, and providing a source of income to help better their families.


We have a Bible study with the women in the village every time we visit. We believe the spiritual formation is of equal importance as the economic benefit of the LÜM Project. We want these women to be well rounded and to grow in their relationship with the Lord.

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If you would like to donate directly to the LÜM Project, you can do so from the DONATE page. Your donation will help purchase the thread and fabric needed so the women can continue their projects.

For more information, email Diane at

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