Our Story

House of Hope is a non-profit organization started in Northern Colorado in 2009. Our family took the project to Guatemala after a short term mission trip in 2011. The poverty, desperation and despair had a huge impact on our family. We were familiar with loss, suffering and heartbreak. Our middle daughter Hope was 9 when she was diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma, cancer of the bone. She suffered unbelievably in her battle. Through it, she had a faith that never wavered. She trusted the will of God, and that He was in control. After fighting for 18 months, she went home to live with her Savior.

Hope Mackenzie Herman 1996-2008

A year later, House of Hope was born. When we saw the many children who were alone and suffering in Guatemala, it impacted our family in a way only God can orchestrate. He fulfilled His promise trading beauty for ashes. Hope’s legacy lives on as her life serves as the passion behind our ministry. We have been able to serve the people of Guatemala and point them to Christ, the source of our love and strength.

The Herman Family: Justin, Diane, Slate, Isabelle, and Max